Information On Different Types of Air Conditioners

Today’s air conditioners are quieter, energy-efficient, easy to install and maintain compared to the units manufactured a few years ago. This article outlines the main types of air conditioners on the market with their pros and cons.

1. Window Mounted: This is the most common type of air conditioner that temporarily slides into double-hung window openings. You have the option to buy a cool-only unit or a cooling and heating unit if you live in a cold area.

Pros: These units work with the existing electrical wiring in your home. They are low cost and easy to install at the same time.

Cons: These units are designed for double-hung windows. Anyone living in the North needs to remove the unit at the end of the season.

Price: A unit that cools a 100-square-foot room will cost less than $200. A unit that cools up to a 500-square-foot room will cost you $400 while a 700- to 900-square-foot room cooling unit will cost $800.

2. Wall-Mounted: These units are permanently mounted on a wall through a metal sleeve. The metal sleeve is inserted through the wall where the AC chassis will be slid from inside. These units are also available as cooling-only or cooling/heating varieties.Types of Air Conditioners

Pros: These units fit more securely compared to window units and are aesthetically appealing. There is no storage necessary and is easy to replace and repair. Even you have one window in your room; a wall-mounted unit will let the sunlight into your room.

Cons: Installation can become costly since you need to cut an opening through the outside wall. On the other hand, larger units may require the installation of a dedicated 220-volt line. Also, you will have to purchase the exterior metal sleeve separately most of the time which will cost you between $50-100.

Price: A unit that can cool a 400-700 square-foot room will cost $400. You may have to spend $700 for a unit that can heat/cool a 1000 square-foot room.

3. Window/Wall-Mounted: This is another versatile unit that is temporarily installed in a window or mounted on a wall permanently.

Pros: This is an ideal option if you plan to buy an AC for a rental apartment window and later install it on a home wall.

Cons: These units come without the window installation kits such as the frame, nuts, and bolts required. You may require a dedicated 220-volt circuit depending on the amperage or plug type.

Prices: These units cost the same as wall-mounted units.

4. Portable: This is a mobile air conditioner that operates on wheels. It can be rolled from one place to another and includes a tube to exhaust the heat out of a window or an opening in the wall.

Pros: This unit is quite easy to store at the end of the hot season.

Cons: The prices are on the higher end compared to window units. It takes up your floor space, and the tube needs to be installed each time the unit is moved.

Prices: A unit that cools a 150 to a 300-square-foot room will cost $700. It may cost you $1,000 for a unit that cools a 500-square-foot room.